It all started in 2002…

I was Studying film production at The Brooks Institute of Film and Photography, a very special speech class professor introduced me to unexpected hidden joy - poetry! It helped me feel OK during hard times. After leaving college, I moved to LA and began working on independent films and Spanish television shows as a Studio Lighting Technician. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, in March of 2008 I was accepted to join Hollywood’s Local 728 union.  I was headed to work on some of the largest film and TV shows in the world. Life was looking bright!

New Year’s Day in 2012, I experienced my 1st out of 5 extreme manic episodes. Driven to throw away anything materialistic, I stripped my physical and spiritual selves completely naked and ended up being diagnosed with Bi-polar 1. This is when that hidden joy became my greatest friend, ally and passion. Poetry is what kept that last 1% of me sane. It got to a point where I would drive most my friends’ crazy, forcing them to contently listen to my manic poetic rants. At the end of that 5 years of mania; poetry proved to be my most valuable weapon in trying to cultivate balance and joy in everyday life.

The forever expanding removingthebeast.com is where I can share my story of finding peace after being labeled with a mental disorder and how that darkness transformed into my brightest light. Through inventing my own creative method to balance and channel the overwhelming manic energy into poetry, video, music, comic art, friends and family, alchemized this ONE OF A KIND POETIC GRAPHIC JOURNEY. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit, I hope you enjoy my family of SUPERHEROES!!!