Love does not come from one source

Love is the source

It cannot be forced

Only reinforced

It is who we are

Where we come from

Where we belong

Fear based belief systems


Terrified of what we can see

They tell us what we need

Forcing lies into our child’s eyes

We heard enough cries

Love calls for their demise

It is time to stand up



My friends never DIE. There spirits are apart of my soul eternal.

RIP Tommy G


As a brother,

You new the true meaning of loyalty

No matter who the judges,

You always stood by us.

You believed in us,



You would still defended us,

Giving our hearts a place to rest.


Relating peace’s of mind,

Conversations revealing deepest truths,

You listened time after time,

Your smile would be comforting and kind,

Never taking advantage of low self-esteems,


Or Fears,

Your friendship was true and very clear.


Long sleepless nights sharing pains together,

Moments in our lives that will live forever,

Even above

You are a protector,

Arch Angel,

Always by our side,

Your spirit echoes through our eternal lives.

A soul that will always thrive,

Our warrior

Destined to be crowned in the heavens sky...

Poem of the Day

How do you defeat a lion with no ego? The answer is you can't, he destroys all evil, a lions pride is his only weakness, humbleness is what the cure is to these mental diseases. Kindness is a byproduct of my brothers pure heart. If you want to be a Angel this is where you start. As a warrior he has been my sword, as a wizard my staff. There is no way in hell that you won't fear our loves wrath.